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EcoRight CPD Presentations

EcoRight offers a range of RIBA approved Continuous Professional Development (CPD) presentations that cover various aspects of the use of lime based products in construction and building conservation.
These are available to architects, developers, building contractors and any other organisations that wish to increase their understanding of the benefits that can be accrued by using lime mortars, plasters and renders.
A certificate of attendance is issued to each individual attendee.

 Building with Lime CPD

This CPD provides an overview of the historical use of lime and its application in today’s construction and building conservation environments. The presentation covers both fat limes (otherwise referred to as non-hydraulic or lime putty mixes) and hydraulic lime mortars and renders.

It is an excellent starting point for those organisations involved in projects where lime is required in order to meet building conservation needs or where lime offers performance and aesthetic advantages over sand and cement.

Duration is approximately 45 minutes plus time for questions and answers.

The Greenshop
The Greenshop

Lime in Building Conservation

This CPD focuses upon the specific use of lime mortars, plasters and renders in the context of historic building conservation. It covers the importance of utilising traditional materials and techniques in order to comply with regulatory requirements and to ensure compatibility with existing materials and performance needs.

It is aimed at organisations involved in projects where there is a requirement to carry out works on listed buildings, in conservation areas or historically sensitive structures. It will allow the recipient to gain an understanding of the challenges faced in these types of projects and the methodologies and materials available to meet such needs. Furthermore it will highlight the historic development of the use of lime and the rationale behind this.

Duration is approximately 45 minutes plus time for questions and answers.

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