Lime Based Building Products

Preserving the past and protecting the future

EcoRight manufactures a comprehensive range of ecologically sound lime based building products, supplying throughout the UK.
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Lime building applications

EcoRight provides a portfolio of products that offer a solution for virtually every lime building application. 
All of our products are manufactured by ourselves and abide to our high ethical principles of sustainability. We use the highest quality natural ingredients and the mixes are developed by our own experts in lime products for maximum flexibility and ease of use. All materials and ingredients come from sustainable resources. 

Carbon neutral life cycle

The final product is low in CO2, some having a carbon neutral life cycle such as lime mortars and plasters, others utilising recycled materials; some using both lime and recycled materials. 

Our products are available throughout the UK, either purchased directly from EcoRight or from our sister company, Old House Store. There are a wide range of mortars, plasters and renders designed to meet a variety of performance and aesthetic needs from high specification new builds, ecobuilds, renovations and conservation projects. 

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For lime based building products, manufactured in Reading and supplied throughout the UK. 
Call EcoRight on 0845 873 3888

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